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Gate Operator

AutoGate is the leading manufacturer of the first UL-325 compliant Vertical Pivot Lift gate operators.  Our Vertical Pivot Lift gate operators are appropriate in almost any application where vehicles and/or pedestrians need to be controlled.

Our gates are custom manufactured to meet your specifications and are available in lengths to 20 feet steel or 24 feet aluminum.  Our construction process uses a solid weld technique which is far superior in quality to tack welded, screwed or riveted constructed gates.

The stand alone system is operated by 24VDC power.  No hydraulics are incorporated in our automatic gate entry systems.  In addition, built-in battery backup prevents security lapses during power outages.  Our Vertical Pivot Lift gate operators require very minimal preventative maintenance to keep them functioning properly.

Vertical Pivot Lifts operate in all weather conditions including extreme heat and cold as well as snow.  They are adaptable to any terrain including mountains, uneven driveways, and drainage swales by fabrication with curb notches, contours, and racking.  Because the Vertical Pivot Lift pivots open 90 degrees, less real estate is necessary for installation and operation.

Additional security features include anti-climb designs and all models have open and close cycles that range from 10-12 seconds, depending on the style and length.  Our Vertical Pivot Lift gate system is highly compatible with most access control systems as well as emergency entry devices used by Police and Fire departments.

UL-325 Compliant (2001). Meets CSA Specifications (2011)

24v DC System w/up to 72 hrs back-up operation

LED Diagnostic and Input Indicators

10-12 Sec. Operation w/Soft Start/Stop Technology

Built-in Battery Charger

Continuous Duty

Easy Installation and Space Saving Design

Custom Gate Designs

Warranty 3 yr/Comm. – 5 yr/Res. (Ltd.)


AutoGate Vertical Pivot Operator

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