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In crash gates, there are a variety of designations used to determine its rating, for example, M50 (K12), M40 (K8), & M30 (K4). First, the weight and speed of the vehicle are determined. Next, the distance traveled before the vehicle comes to a stop is analyzed. Because of changes in the industry, these numbers may not always make sense or even be correct. We work with our customers to reach the proper, logical decision as to the actual requirements needed for the job at hand.

Bigger is not necessarily better. Why pay $30,000 more to acquire a stopping distance of three feet or less when the nearest assist is 100 yards away? The same issue arises when dealing with the speed of the vehicle. Why pay more for the required stopping of a vehicle at 50mph when making the turn into your complex does not allow the vehicle to reach these speeds. The third item to look at is the actual testing of the gate, called the crash test. With today's technologies, a computer-generated engineering analysis is just as effective as an actual crash test. Logical Decisions will work with all parties involved in order to reach the most cost effective solution to any situation.

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