How much money will it really save me?

It varies, but labor is approximately 25% of installation by hand. So if you are on a big job, the savings are quite substantial.

Will the fence ties rust?

No. The ties are coated with aluminum, vinyl, made of stainless steel or they are galvanized. Also, the coating is not destroyed during installation.

What if I don’t like them?

If you install 100 ties and do not like them, we will pay to ship the order back and tear up your invoice.

How tight are the ties after installation?

Very! They firmly attach the fence material to the post. They also eliminate rattle in the fence. Great if you are using a fence monitoring system.

Will the ties damage the fence material during installation?

No. When the ties are installed, they conform to the shape of the post as well as the material.

How does the tie tool work?

It fits into any standard size drill. When you pull the trigger, it twists the legs together and cuts off the excess material.

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Fence Ties

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