Telephone Entry Access Control

Telephone Entry Systems

Telephone entry systems help manage the flow of traffic in, around, and through the premises of a specific location. Our systems are ideal for controlling access to gated communities, commercial buildings, manufacturing plants, high-end residential homes, and apartment and condominium buildings.

Access Control

Access Control

Access controls manage who can go where and when in gated communities, commercial buildings, and other similar settings. It will provide you with options to help your customers conveniently manage every access point on their property.

Radio Access Control

Radio Controls

Radio controls help manage the flow of vehicles and personnel through a gated entrance or a door. We offer a wide variety of choices for numerous situations, including stand-alone systems, and transmitters and receivers.

Access Control

Cards and Readers

A variety of cards and readers to meet all of your access control needs.

Access Control

Perimeter Alert Systems

Perimeter alert systems alert you when movement is detected and can be tailored to fit almost any security or perimeter protection situation, making them great for homes or businesses.

Access Controls
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Access Control

Cellphone Access Control

Cellphone access control allows the user to open their gate opener with the use of a cell phone through the GSM system. These GSM units can also operate items such as: door locks, entry doors, locks, intercoms, etc..

Access Control


RFID or Radio Frequency Identification, uses tags which store electronic information and are accessed by readers. We offer a line of long range RFID for your gate operator systems.

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