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Slide Gate Prisons
Locking Column Operation


Whether it's a new facility or simply replacing a gate, LDI has proven, creative ways to get the best solutions for your dollar.  

For nearly 30 years LDI has been designing and providing sally port gate packages and locking columns for correctional institutions, from the county jail to the high level federal prison, our services are there. While using the world’s top hydraulic power pack, we will integrate it into a system that will fit your needs.  

We know there are different requirements for different facilities in different locations, from the sheriff's county jail in Florida to the federal maximum security facility in Minnesota.  Need high speed operation AND need to use it 200 times a day?  No problem!

Have concerns about vehicles crashing through the gate? No problem! Our designs are put together by our very knowledgeable architectural and engineering staff. But this is only the beginning. Our technical support team and parts department are always available should any concerns or issues arise.

Remember, there is no "one size fits all" solution.

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