HySecurity StrongArm Park DC

Barrier Arm Operator

Is your barrier arm operator this Smart?

Thousand plus cycles after AC power loss*

* Actual UPS cycles depend on accessory power draw, frequency of cycles, battery health, ambient temperature and other conditions.

Extremely low maintenance and minimal down time

Easy to configure numerous functions including parking specific options

Intelligent charging system monitors battery conditions to maximize battery life

Sensitive auto rebound feature greatly reduces possibility of injury

or vehicle damage

SMART DC CONTROLLER: The ultimate in reliability, configurability and system troubleshooting.

Advanced HyProtect™ breakaway arm mount

Every StrongArmPark DC™ operator includes an advanced HyProtect breakaway arm mount, which reduces the cost of arm replacement due to a vehicle strike. The HyProtect breakaway arm mount adapts easily to typical aftermarket arms such as 1 x 4 inch wood or 2.5 inch square PVC.

HySecurity barrier arms:

        (2.4, 3, 3.7 and 4.3 m) lengths with LED lighting and


        garages. Available in 8 ft (2.4 m) clear/10 ft (3 m)

        extended or 9 ft (2.7) clear/11 ft (3.4) extended

StrongArmPark DC™ Models

HySecurity operators secure the world’s critical infrastructure and key assets where ultimate reliability is vital. StrongArmPark DC delivers that same uncompromising quality to commercial customers, where ease of use, consistent operation, low maintenance, long life and high reliability is expected.

For easy integration into parking systems, HySecurity offers a number of parking related relay options including an Extended Relay Module which adds eight output relays to the Smart DC Controller.

HySecurity strives for simplicity. Easy to install. Easy to configure. Easy to maintain. Easy to troubleshoot and repair. Your StrongArmPark DC

barrier arm is built to last.


        additional programmable relay outputs

Compatible with most access control, safety, vehicle

detection and other accessories.


HySecurity Barrier Arm Operator

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