HySecurity Swing Riser

Vertical Lift Operator

Uniquely opens gates with an elegant lift and swing movement, raising the gate panel a full 12" during the gate opening cycle. Lifting clears obstacles such as snow, rocks, curbs, and gradient differences. The locking pin secures the gate as it drops into a roadway locking receptacle when the gate gently lowers at the end of its cycle.

Smart Touch Controller and S.T.A.R.T. (Smart Touch Analyze & Retrieve Tool)

HySecurity operators secure the world’s critical infrastructure and key assets where ultimate reliability is vital. SwingRiser delivers uncompromising quality to industrial customers worldwide, where ease of use, consistent operation, low maintenance, long life and high reliability is expected.

Simple. HySecurity strives for simplicity. Easy to install. Easy to configure. Easy to maintain. Easy to troubleshoot and repair.

Reliable. HySecurity operators last decades under the harshest climates and user conditions.

Secure. HySecurity is the most used operator on critical infrastructure sites such as nuclear power plants, high security government agencies, embassies, ports, airports, and much more.


HY-5A intelligent vehicle detectors. Custom post height. Heater. Compatible with most access control devices, safety, vehicle detection, and other accessories.


HySecurity Vertical Lift Operator

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