Logical Decisions’ Long Arm Crash Barrier Arm Gate is the perfect solution to prevent forced vehicle entry in or exit from industrial, commercial, institutional, and governmental facilities. The hydraulically controlled, solar capable 22 ft (clear opening) crash barrier arm gate is ideally suited for oil refineries, chemical plants, train yards, storage facilities, technical centers, nuclear facilities, embassies, military installations, and other government facilities.

When a vehicle strikes the M30 rated crash barrier, the aluminum arm gives way to the cables inside. The energy of the impact is absorbed by the cables as they stretch. As the cables are being stretched, the energy of the impact is transferred to the below grade foundation through the specially designed crash posts.

Although heavy enough to stop a 15,000lb vehicle traveling at 30mph, the Long Arm’s weight is evenly distributed so that manual operation can be performed with ease. Its streamlined, elegant design and wide options in color choices make it aesthetically pleasing.

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Barrier Crash Gate

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