Liftmaster LA500

Swing Gate Operator

Exciting New Product Updates to the LA500

The LA500 now features full-time AC run operation with battery backup and revision 5.1 firmware.

Full Time AC Run Operation with Battery Back-Up -  AC Run transformer provides constant power to the Operator and utilizes full battery power reserve for operation on battery back up.  

Switched Accessory Power -  Conserves power for when it is needed most to run cycles on battery backup or when running on solar power by turning off any accessories connected to this output 10 seconds after the gate is closed .  This feature is in all new production and replacement control boards.   

Party Pass - "Gate Hold Open" Feature - This feature is ideal for parties or other events where the gate needs to be held open for a period of time to allow free/easy access to the property.  Simply press the reset button with the gate in the open position, and you can conveniently hold it in the open position without having to open the control box.

LiftMaster swing gate operators are built to perform in the most demanding applications. Synonymous with quality, dependability, and award-winning designs that meet or exceed UL-325 safety standards, LiftMaster's Elite Series is recognized as the undisputed leader in gate operator technology.

The LA500 model is our most advanced residential DC swing gate operator. It is equipped with industry-leading features like MyQ® and Security+ 2.0™ communications, battery backup, and a capacity to handle gates up to 18 feet and 1,600 lbs.

With a network of more than 8,000 professional dealers and 100 years of access experience, it's no wonder that homeowners trust LiftMaster to provide security and control for their residential applications.

Battery Backup System provides uninterrupted access when the power is out

Provides up to 14 days or 500 cycles on battery backup. Also powers safety and ancillary devices.

Security+ 2.0™ Technology

Our patented Security+ 2.0™ Technology provides two times the range of standard remote controls and virtually eliminates radio interference. An on-board radio receiver is included with the LA500. It holds up to 50 remotes and is compatible with HomeLink® version 4 and higher.

MyQ® Technology

Provides the ability to remotely monitor and activate our gate from anywhere in the world via an Internet-enabled Smartphone or computer.

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Liftmaster Swing Gate Operator

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