What is a Loop?

Loops are used with gate operator systems to detect vehicles entering and exiting the area. Saw-cut loops are saw-cut installations where a 3/16” groove is cut into the concrete or asphalt and the wire is stuffed and sealed (using loop sealant) into the surface. Direct burial loops are used for installations under concrete, asphalt, pavers, or gravel roads.


BD Loops: Saw-Cut Loop

Used for saw-cut installations where a 3/16” groove is cut into the concrete or asphalt and the wire is stuffed and sealed (using loop sealant) into the surface.

Our saw-cut loops have a custom polyethylene outer jacket protects a micro-dusted nylon coated inner jacketed 16AWG stranded wire. The saw-cut loop has a built in backer-rod securely fitting a 3/16” saw-cut groove eliminating the need to apply backer-rod to hold the loop to the bottom of the saw-cut groove and requires 30-40% less loop sealant to seal the groove.

The entire loop including the lead-in fits within a 3/16” saw-cut groove preventing wasted time spent double saw-cutting or doubling blades to cut the home run lead-in.


BD Loops: Direct Burial Loop

Used for installations under concrete, asphalt, pavers, or gravel roads. The most common installation is the loop tied directly to the rebar before concrete is poured. Wire is UL 493 certified designed for a direct burial application.

Unlike loops wrapped through PVC, The BD Loops Direct Burial Loop does not have an air pocket resulting in fewer repeat service calls due to phantom detections caused by ground vibration. Built with a high quality solid 14AWG wire out performing other preformed loops with twice as much copper per foot and increased tensile strength.

Solid 14AWG wire also results in the direct burial loop being very ridged giving the installer the opportunity to easily set-up and layout the loop and prevents the loop from falling in-between the rebar patter. Twisted jacketed lead-in prevents “coil back” from normal twisted lead-in, preventing wasted time untangling lead-in wires. The loop wire has arrows indicating the direction of current allowing easy understanding of phasing.

Loop Detector

Wireless Loop Detector

Access One's EZ Loop is a wireless vehicle detector that eliminates the costly need for hard wired loops and reduces labor costs.  The EZ Loop is a wireless probe that is placed in the driveway and sends a wireless signal to the gate operator when a vehicle is detected.  Installing the EZ Loop is extremely simple.  One technician with a drill can install a complete reverse, shadow and exit loop system in less than an hour.  Think of the time and money that will be saved not having to use two technicians, a concrete saw, and added hours needed to install old fashion wire loops.  Finally the 2" diameter of the ground sensor eliminates unsightly saw cuts and is ideal for stamped concrete or paver driveways giving the customer a clean look.

Loop Detector

Reno Model BX Vehicle Detector

Single Channel Detector with Dual Relay Outputs

The Model BX is a full featured, single channel, dual output vehicle detector that incorporates the reliable vehicle detection technology found in all of Reno A & E’s vehicle detectors.

All detector functions and settings are easy to configure using a set of eight external DIP switches and a simple to use eight-position rotary switch.

Free Exit

Cartell Gatemate

The GateMate™ (product code: CP-3) is a free exit system that opens your automatic gate so you and your visitors can leave without having to use a remote or key fob or punching a keypad to open the gate.

This is a self-contained system that connects directly to any gate operator without an external output board.

Buried beside the driveway, the GateMate™ is hidden and vandal-proof. It covers a 12 foot wide driveway. Suggested cable length is 100' when hooked to a gate operator for free exit. It only detects moving steel, preventing the gate from being tripped open by animals or blowing objects.

It accepts universal voltage (AC and DC), and works with any gate operator: solar or powered. It has the lowest stand-by current in the market, some 85-90% lower than its closest competition. It is the most solar friendly of any free exit system available.

GateMate™ comes in a  3-wire and 5-wire model. Five-wire model has N.O. and N.C. relay contacts. The 3-wire system comes in cable lengths of 10' (for repairs) and 100'. The 5-wire model can also be used to complement any home automation or security system and comes in cable lengths of 10' (for repairs), 100', 200', 300' and 500' lengths. It is recommended that 100' be used for free exit and all lengths be used with home automation and security systems, depending on the length of the driveway.

Loop Detector

EMX LP D-TEK Loop Detector

EMX Industries designed the LP D-TEK Vehicle Loop Detector for applications in which vehicle detection is needed and low power consumption is desired. The LP D-TEK’s low 9 mA current draw makes it ideal for solar applications, and gate or door operators that require many accessories drawing from the same power supply. The lower current requirement means smaller solar panels are needed, reducing costs.


Loop Detector

EMX MVP D-TEK Loop Detector

The MVP D-TEK® Multi-Voltage Vehicle Detector makes it simple to manage your stock. You only need one detector in your stock room and on your truck. The MVP D-TEK® solves the problem of not knowing which voltage to take for service call or an installation. Reduce the costs of inventory by stocking only one loop detector - with universal voltage.


BD Loops
Loop Detectors
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