Liftmaster Radio Access Control

Chamberlain® stand-alone radio control systems provide the ease of one-touch entry without requiring a telephone entry or access control system. They can open a multitude of commercial gates, garage doors, and secured entrances, and most systems are programmed using a built-in keypad with visual display, so no computer is required. The remote controls may be attached to your car visor, key chain, or carried in your pocket for quick, easy, and secure access.

Liftmaster Radio Access Control

Liftmaster Tri-Code Systems

LiftMaster® Passport™ receivers and remotes combine state-of-the-art access technology from several entry devices into one system for ultimate convenience and security. Now one remote simply and securely controls them all – including LiftMaster telephone entry and access control systems, gate operators, commercial door operators, and residential garage door openers. It's smart technology for truly integrated perimeter access.

Liftmaster Passport

Select Engineering Systems Radio Access Control

SES Select Pass SPRFC1

The SPRFC1 is a stand-alone RF controller designed to be used with all SES Select Pass RF transmitter products. With the intelligence and capacity to identify and validate a combination of up to fifty-thousand (50,000) RF transmitters or PIN codes, the SPRFC1 activates a dry relay contact directly. The SPRFC1 relay output is designed can be connected to the vend input connection of a gate operator to activate the gate as desired.

Select Engineering Systems Radio Access Control

SES Select Pass/Multipass

Select Pass and Multi Pass products are a line of individually coded, rolling code transmitters and receiver products. Both products are available with 1, 2 or 4 buttons. The one and two button transmitters are small key chain size. The lightweight, contoured design fits easily into your hand and is convenient to put into a pocket or purse. Powered by replaceable internal lithium batteries that have a life expectancy of 5 years.

The 4 button transmitter is a small low profile design, is not much larger than the one or two button versions, and is designed to clip on your visor, and fit in your hand.

Liftmaster Radio Controls 
Select Engineered Systems Radio Controls
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