AAS Fire Access Box

AAS Fire Access Box

The American Access Systems, Inc line of FireAccess stations offers a selection of two different post mount models. Both models feature heavy metal, powder coated enclosures. The faceplates on model #’s 15-013 and 15-014 are painted a bright red for easy identification by the fire department. All FireAccess stations are stand alone units, allowing the convenience of installation wherever it may be required.

Model # 15-013 is designed to be used with a Knox Lock key switch (not included). Model #15-014 is a simple micro switch that activates a relay when the padlock holding the panel closed is removed.

SOS Sensor


The Siren Operated Sensor (SOS) is used to open residential, commercial, airport, government and military gates during an emergency.

SOS is compatible with all gate operators. Because SOS specializes in sound sensors, triggers can be customized to respond to individual frequencies. The sensitivity is adjustable to ensure drive-by sirens do not open your gate inadvertently.

Once SOS is installed on your gate, your concerns about emergency vehicles gaining access to your property will vanish. This system saves vital seconds in all emergencies with sirens triggering gate operators.

Emergency responders get your gates open without accessing codes, keys, radio frequencies, or causing costly damage by ramming your gate

Liftmaster Fire Access Box

Liftmaster Fire Access Box

Essential for added safety, Chamberlain® fire access boxes provide a convenient way for the fire department to gain access to the property: the gate can be activated automatically with a switch or a pull cord.

SOS Sensors and Fire Access Boxes
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